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Our Show Reel

Take a look at a collection of our favorite shots from our first year in business as Propelling Views.

Our latest project

We had to honor to work alongside TXL Films on a project in Iceland for A Genius World Inc. We provided establishing shots, B-roll of the landscape as well as key shots of the subject (Chris Burkard, world famous photographer) in situations where a handheld camera simply wasn't enough. Here are some pictures, footage will be posted and shared once the project releases


Small Businesses

Small Businesses Owners tend to struggle with marketing. They don't have the budget to hire a full media team or the time to film their own advertisements.  

Real Estate

Drones have been used for real estate since the very first consumer drone hit the market. We separate ourselves by providing services others don't have the skill or warewithal to provide.

We don't stop at drones! We also provide 3D Tours, handheld video, pictures and even full 3D renders of the exterior! 


TV and Film are the biggest industries for drone videography. Drones are used in everything from indie films, documentaries and even blockbuster movies.

Here are a few projects we have worked on.

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