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Now featured in VoyageTampa

Our lead pilot was invited to do an interview with VoyageTampa for their "Hidden Gems"section. He touched on his beginnings and the challenges he faced getting into the film industry.

Propelling Views
Who are we?

We are a team of pilots based in Tampa Bay, FL dedicated to working along side you and your team to execute and deliver your vision. We specialize in capturing aerial footage for various flatforms (social media, commercials, TV/Movies), 3D Mapping, Inspections, Photogrammatry, Live Streaming for events and any other drone application you could think of.

Uncle Timmy_edited.jpg

My uncle Timmy has a drone, why would I hire you?

We're sure your uncle is a very talented pilot and might even give you the family discount but there is a difference between a professional and a hobbiest. For starters, we are storytellers first and pilots second, this means we know and understand how to create the right video to communicate your message to your clients. 

Because we are professionals we hold all neccessary licenses and insurance to operate our equipment practically wherever you need us to. We are also constantly training and pushing the limits of our gear, allowing us to be fully confident in what we are doing. This is extremely important when it comes to safety and the quality of the final products. 

The benefit of hiring us is 

We are a team, we can handle anything that is thrown at us. Once your job is scheduled it will be delivered, having a team of pilots allows us to cover multiple jobs on the same day elliminating the possibility of having to cancel your shoot.

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