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Pan/Tilt Drones

At Propelling Views we own and rent all sorts of drones. Our Pan/Tilt drones vary from small, silent drones to massive drones requiring two operators (one to pilot the drone and one to operate the camera gimbal). 

Our selection of cameras varies just as much, from a basic 4k/60fps onboard camera to a full blown cinema camera such as Arri, RED and Sony. Limited only by budget.

These are perfect for Aerial Photography, Aerial Video and Drone Live-streaming.


Cinelifter/FPV Drones

FPV drones can fly through tight spaces, follow fast-moving subjects, and capture dynamic shots from a first-person perspective. This makes them useful for action and sports filming, as well as for capturing dynamic shots in cinematic productions.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of using FPV drones in Hollywood films and TV shows. They are used to capture fast-paced and immersive action sequences, adding a new level of excitement to the viewing experience.

FPV Drones are specialized drones used best for capturing

  • Fast moving subjects (Cars, Boats, Planes, Skiiers etc)

  • Working in tight spaces (flying indoors, through vehichles, under/over obstacles)

  • Adding dynamic movements to an otherwise inactive subject (stadium, concert, buildings etc)


However, it's important to note that using FPV drones for filmmaking requires skill and experience. It's important to have a trained pilot who can operate the drone safely and efficiently, and a skilled camera operator who can capture high-quality footage.


Micro FPV Drones

Micro FPV Drones are ultra light and compact platforms. Being the size of your hand and weighing about the same of a typical cell phone, this allows them to be flown in the most regulated and delicate areas. These drones can fly over large groups of people (legally) such as concerts, conventions and sporting events.

The protection around the propellors allows these drones to be flown up close to delicate subjects such as in museums, stores or around actors.

Even though these drones are small and lightweight they don't shy away from the task of filming at up to 5.3K and 10-bit color.

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